It's OK to want MORE out of your life!

5 years ago, I felt lost and unfulfilled in the beautiful life I always wanted.

I didn't know who I was anymore, and I was unsure where to start to find the ME that was missing, especially since I had a lifetime battle with all-or-nothing hijacking my progress.

But one small shift in my mindset changed everything:


Watch the short video to hear more about how this shift gradually lead to a complete overhaul of my life, and to learn how it applies to YOU.

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The Strive Hive empowers Progressors to DO SOMETHING and strive for daily progress, via LEARNING, CHANGE, AND COMMUNITY, so that they can find more  fulfillment and build resilience.


Each month, we will have the privilege of hearing from experts on topics YOU care about with our Masterclasses. 

+ Weekly "Hive Times" with Monica, where we expand and deepen what we're learning on the podcast.


Taking action is a HUGE focus in the Strive Hive, so that you not only learn--but grow!

You'll have the accountability and push you need to take action with our weekly chats, our regular challenges, + our foundational, ongoing focus with "Do Something." 


This is where you'll find "your people!" Our online community is supportive, forward-seeking, and motivating.

You'll find encouragement, inspiration to draw off of, accountability when needed, bonds to rely on, and fun!

Here are some "Do Something Wins" directly from our Strivers!

You are ready for more!

Perhaps in your life, you are ready for so much more: more fulfillment, more learning, more action, and more personal resilience.

But, instead you find yourself reacting more than living intentionally, struggling to make time for yourself and your interests, and feeling that greatness for yourself is simply out of reach.

We believe otherwise, that in the words of Angela Duckworth, "Greatness is doable."

The Strive Hive helps you go and do something to find that greatness.

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You CAN change.

There was a big problem with the About Progress community: I saw and heard from so many women who loved learning about progress, but struggled actually making it.

I knew that my community needed a special online environment that provided that extra hug and kick in the pants they needed to grow.

The Strive Hive was born. It is YOUR place to do something, find your identity + more fulfillment + build resilience, and connect with "your people" in ways we need now more than ever.

What you will get:

  • Online, committed, and safe community (valued $197/mo)
  • Weekly Hive Time with Monica (valued $207/mo)
  • Regular Masterclasses (valued $167/mo)
  • Regular habit-based Challenges (valued at $97/mo)
  • Complete access to online portal with Success Path Trainings + Libraries (valued $67/mo)
  • Bi-monthly Grow Yourself Book Club (valued $47/mo)
  • Regular group coaching calls and Q&As exclusive to the Hive (valued at $97/mo)
  • Exclusive discounts + early bird access to all things Work in Progress Academy (priceless)

All valued at $879+ per month, or $10,548+ per year.

But it's YOURS for a huge fraction of that.

Sign up at $37/month OR save with an annual $397 payment.


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Key benefits of the Strive Hive:

* Massive personal growth and fulfillment + more resilience

* The support you need to go from "surviving" to "striving."

* A "can-do" environment that pushes you to do something, without shaming you for not being perfect. 

* Empowerment from being back on your list.

* Knowledge AND fun, all rolled into one interlocked, nothing-else-like-it online community who shares YOUR same interests: learning and personal growth.

* Exclusive access to the Strive Hive Portal with special trainings + libraries of our Masterclasses and replays for all our online classes and events. 

* Constant access to more learning + more growth, and on your timeline.

* A vision of where you need to go + planned out steps to take you there, empowering you to do something and change in the ways you keep meaning to, but putting off.

* Affordable access to benefits that would costs you thousands a year otherwise. Being in the Hive is your opportunity to expand your learning, change, and community with Monica at an affordable, no-brainer rate.

Here are examples of our incredible monthly Masterclasses, exclusive to the Strive Hive!

Can I tell you a secret?

There will never be a perfect time.

I waited for 8 YEARS to start my blog, About Progress. Did it make me famous? Nope. Did it fulfill me and lead me somewhere else awesome? Yes.

Don't wait for the "right time" to get off from the sidelines of your life.

Don't wait for all your to-do's to be checked off to put yourself on the list.

Maybe you've been stuck for so long, you worry if you have what it takes to be a striver in your life again.

That is what the Strive Hive is for. It's both FUN and motivating; it'll push you to do more, and support you as you navigate what that messy middle looks like:

Lots of learning. But lots of fulfillment, too. 

Stop insisting on the perfect time and the perfect plan. Because the time to strive is NOW.

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Pay as You Go

  • Daily community
  • Weekly Hive Time
  • Bi-Monthly Masterclasses
  • Bi-Monthly Challenges
  • Monthly Q&A/Coaching Calls
  • Bi-Monthly Grow Yourself Book Club
  • Success Path special trainings and materials
  • Exclusive discounts + early bird access
  • The "MORE" you are seeking
  • Valued at $879+ per month
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Save More

  • Get one month + FREE (save $47) when you pay upfront
  • Daily community
  • Weekly Hive Time
  • Bi-Monthly Masterclasses
  • Bi-Monthly Challenges
  • Monthly Q&A/Coaching Calls
  • Bi-Monthly Grow Yourself Book Club
  • Success Path special trainings and materials
  • Exclusive discounts + early bird access
  • The "MORE" you are seeking
  • Valued at $10,584+ per year.
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More WINS from our Strivers!

Do you put yourself last?

Stephen Lawson said, "Time is finite. To-do lists are forever."

As women, we are often guilty of putting ourselves last on the list, behind all the to-do's and important people in our lives.

So, we wait to put ourselves on the list--to prioritize what we need and want.

This only leads to us feeling depleted, used up, and even resentful.

If this is the endless cycle you've ridden for far too long, now is YOUR time to prioritize caring for yourself.

As you do something to fill your own bucket and find fulfillment, your responsibilities will experience the benefits, too! 

Put yourself back on your list with the Strive Hive.


We all have ways we hold ourselves back.

Maybe you are convinced you don't have time to prioritize yourself. Or, you're afraid that if you try, nothing will change anyway. 

I know what this feels like, because my own fears held me back for far too long. 

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It is YOUR time!

We are really good at coming up with reasons why we can't do things, take time, and spend money on ourselves.

How's that working for you?

You CAN become great, you can change; but, often you need to invest in YOURSELF so you can do so. 

Let the Strive Hive be that safe place for you to invest in "future you." She's waiting. It's time to do something to find her.

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