If you end most days feeling frustrated because you know that if you could just get it together you could live the life you want, then . . . 

You need an organization overhaul.

Where do you start? We got you! Enroll in the Organization Overhaul audio course.

In it, we provide the tools you need to reclaim control in your MIND, SPACE, and TIME so you gain confidence to face each day as the boss of your own life.

I'm ready to be back in control
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Audio Format!

Your time is limited. No need to watch video after video while struggling to take notes. You can listen on the go! 

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12 Weeks, 24 Lessons!

2X a week for 12 weeks, you'll receive a lesson that helps you jump-start your organization, with access to past lessons.

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Actionable Resources!

Each week comes with notes taken for you + the materials you need to both reflect & take action.  

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In this online audio course you will learn the basics you need to know to jump-start your organization within our three main categories: MIND, SPACE, and TIME.

The Organization Overhaul will help you cut through the confusion, guide you to know where to start in ways that matter to YOU, and empower you with the tools and support you need to gain back control in your life.

For 12 weeks, you'll receive TWO lessons carefully designed to build off of each other.

As an audio course, you can listen on-the-go; BUT, each week will also provide you with a homework assignment you can print out AND the "Progress Pointers" from each of the guest-teachers.

Because of this, you won't have to take notes, but you'll also be directed to reflection AND action.

We want you to not just learn, but to change--and in doable, sustainable ways.

Will participating in this course promise you overnight success? No. Anybody who offers you differently is lying.

But we can promise gradual, buildable growth that is lasting as you both learn the why and how behind getting your life together and then DO SOMETHING with what you've learned.

Each of our 24 lessons is designed to help you do just that.

Get ready to change your organization, and change your life.

Meet your teachers!

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Structure you need 

Our 12 weeks of 24 lessons taught by 12 expert teachers are carefully designed to build off of each other. 

In order to jumpstart your organization, you need a foundation to launch from. This course is carefully structured to do that for you.

You can listen on the go, have notes taken for you, + get the materials you need that push you to TAKE ACTION.

Support you deserve

Twice-weekly, you'll get "accountability" emails. They'll explain the lesson at hand, direct you to the materials exclusive to this course, and encourage you to take action.

Plus, you'll have a workbook that includes both a weekly homework assignment AND the "Progress Pointers" from the guest-teacher's lesson.

Finally, you have access to our main instructor and course-host, Monica Packer. Simply comment on the course to get more support.

Value, overdelivered

With 24 unique lessons, weekly resources, + a support built in place, this course is valued at $697. 

But, it's yours for a fraction of that.

What is it worth to you to restore calm and confidence to your life? We're betting it's more than the investment for this course.

You're ready to be the boss of your MIND, SPACE, and Time again. If you change your organization, you change your life. 

You CAN Get It Together! 

You just need some tools, know-how, and mindset shifts on your side.

Oh, and a good kick-in-the pants!

Imagine the freedom you'll have once your life is governed by systems. Think of the confidence you'll feel once the excess in your home is gone and the clutter better managed. Get in touch with the peace of mind you'll gain once your use of time aligns with your truest priorities.

Everybody needs to start somewhere; let this course be that jump-start for you.

Once you change your organization in your MIND, SPACE, and TIME, you change your life.

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What is my investment?

With 12 weeks, 24+ lessons with 12 well-vetted teachers, 1 workbook, twice-weekly accountability emails, AND access to support, this audio course is valued at $697.

You can access it all for $197.

I'm ready to get more clarity, confidence, AND freedom thanks to improved organization!

Organization Overhaul Audio Course

$197 one-time payment


  • 24 twice-weekly lessons, including 12 expert guest-teachers
  • Audio lesson format, so you can listen with ease
  • Notes taken for you
  • A workbook to guide your learning + implementation
  • Support from Monica directly on the lessons 
  • Know-how to jump-start your organization in your mind, space, and time
  • More clarity, confidence, and freedom to live life on your terms.

Goodbye to overwhelm!

Hello to calm, confidence, and purpose. 

You CAN be the boss of your own life. You CAN get it together. You CAN change your organization, and change you life.

I'm ready to change!
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