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Progress Program

Our 12-week Program designed to get you unstuck, in ways that stick.

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Our first of many audio courses is live! Join the Organization Overhaul. 

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Take action and strive for daily progress with "your people" in the Strive Hive.


Your personal growth MATTERS.

Small steps lead to big transformations.

Your mistakes don’t mean you are a mistake.

Perfectionism stunts growth.

All-or-nothing thinking and procrastination sabotage development.

You can learn from  failures.

Something is better than nothing.

Fulfillment lies in the process, not the outcome.

Pillars for the Work in Progress Academy

Practical Improvement

Transformative personal growth doesn't have to require extremes.  We can improve ourselves with progress, not perfection, as our goal.


Having a clear destination in mind shifts the journey. We know who we want to become and that is our driving force.

Patience + Persistence

Lasting results do NOT happen overnight. We are equal parts patient with the process and persistent in our application.

"I had been in a bit of a rut for, I hate to say it, a couple of years. Working with Monica in the Progress Program helped me a ton! The best part for me was her thoughtful guidance in pinpointing my goals, identifying what was holding me up, and then discovering the small steps to move forward. In the time working with her I've made major progress in several areas of my life including healthy weight loss, communication with my spouse, and starting a niche blog with actual readers, contributors and great content. I am 100% glad I signed up! "

Michelle F.
participant in the Progress Program

"It was a gift to find Monica and her guidance. Her work inspired me to determine what was holding me back and keeping me from living a full life. She walked me in to discomfort and gave me tools to keep going. I’m glad her new format will make this available to more people. If you feel lost and stuck and ready to change, consider working with Monica."

Heather G.
participant in the Progress Program

"I was in the Progress Program with Monica and loved it! I looked forward to it every week. It was a very safe space to work through my challenges, learn new skills, and learn to recognize habits that were holding me back. It gave me a new perspective and reminded me that I'm not alone in my struggles. "

Charlotte S.
participant in the Progress Program

"I had the amazing honor of working with Monica for five months in the Progress Program . . . I enjoyed EVERY single session and didn’t miss one. I got to know amazing women and loved hearing what they shared. Women need women! I learned that we may all have different interests and trials, but at the end of the day, we are all so relatable. I grew to love every single woman in my group. I didn’t realize the changes I had made until last week when I was in a situation that I usually responded poorly to. I didn’t react how I had every time before. I shocked myself! I’ve grown in ways I hadn’t realized until months and months down this journey of rediscovering myself. "

Erica P.
participant in the Progress Program

"I am SO happy I took the leap and invested in ME with Monica! Looking back the day before I started, and where I am now after Monica's Progress Program....I am a better woman, wife, and mother. She helped me remember who I am, let go of who I thought I was (and what everyone else wanted me to be), and to step into MY identity! This is not just a feel good coaching call, she will push you (very lovingly) and you will have actionable things to do. You will make PROGRESS. Monica truly cares about YOU. She listens and she does more than you think to help you be the best YOU! This program is worth every penny and MORE! and guess what, YOU ARE SO WORTH IT!"

participant in the Progress Program

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Recovering Perfectionist:

As BOTH an over-and-under achiever, Monica found herself lost thanks to her all-or-nothing approach to personal development. She had to find a better--messier--way of progress over perfection, and with that she discovered the secret to sustainable growth.

Mama to Four:

Monica GETS your lack of time, stretched thin priorities, but desperation to find and develop your gifts. She wants you to know what she learned: your personal growth doesn't have to come a the cost of your greatest priorities!

Professionally-Trained Educator:

Pre-kids, Monica was a certified teacher in CA middle schools.  She knows how to take BIG concepts and distill them down into doable lessons. She is a skilled educator and passionate about helping women through her podcast and now her online school here, WIPA.


Monica's podcast, About Progress, has surpassed 1.5 million downloads, reaching a community passionate about improving their lives without losing them in the process. She is a master teacher AND interviewer, both skillsets coming into play with her coaching, audio courses, and classes available through her online school, the Work In Progress Academy.

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